pumpkin recipe no.01

Today I made the first of what I hope to be many pumpkin recipes, Ginger Pumpkin Bread from the October Food magazine. It was very tasty, made better by the fact that I made it exclusively in vintage Pyrex with the exception of a measuring glass made of modern day Pyrex.
Pumpkins Filling

Pumpkins to Oven

Pumpkins Glazed

I also made the Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce from the Freeze-It section of the same magazine, but it was too messy to break out the camera. It is now in the freezer waiting until I am too tired to make dinner.

I bought fabric for curtains today since it’s about 0 degrees out (only really it’s 40 which is still quite cold). I kind of want to make them flannel backed since my windows are about 6.5 feet high, but I’m afraid that might be weird/expensive. I will have to do some thinking on that point.

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