forgot to add a title…again.

It is pretty much impossible for the snaggle tooth to get any more boring than it is at the current moment. Partially due to me being to busy to do anything worth putting on here let alone put it on here and partially due to me not liking the layout and not knowing how to change it. Blah snaggle tooth is no good. To get those last photos a bit further down the page, this is what I have partially been up to.

Putting all my yarn which all happens to be fall colored into under the bed storage since there is no storage in my apartment.


Desperatly trying to figure out the tuck stitch. No matter what I do (I swear I am following the instructions exactly) I am increasing stitches. I don’t understand. I know how to make this stitch on a knitting machine but no for the needles.

tuck swatch

Purchasing squash. The spaghetti was already eaten up and the butternut will be transformed into pasta sauce a la Martha Stewart Food Magazine.


Wearing a most beautiful Pucci scarf purchased for me by Luke the best in the world.


And knitting delicious lace swatches for my textiles class which have earned me a 100% on that project.

lace swatch

That is all. I just got internet on Monday so I will try to update my tooth more often.

One thought on “forgot to add a title…again.

  1. Your life is so much more colorful than mine, therefore the pictures on your blog are much more happy. Also, I have no blog. Must go purchase some yarns, for show.

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