old junk

Since I am now graduated (again) I have been trying to start a new overall project, which has caused a need for me to finish up some projects I have lying around that were abandoned due to full time school, homework and full time work.  Here are a few things that I started a long time ago (pre-columbia era projects) that I finished up this weekend.

I made one of these towels for my friend Paige, then started one for myself and mine was pushed to the side.  I bought these towels at Target I believe, then appliqued my name and the cherries on with a blanket stitch.  Embroidered leaves and stems finished it off.

This dress was worn to my Abe Lincoln Birthday Party a few years ago, so you might wonder what needed to be done to finish it since I already wore it.  Well, many things including, hemming, stitching down the bodice lining and adding buttons.  Guess I was in kind of a bind when I made it.

Three cheers for finishing up old stuff!!!

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