Where have I been, snaggle tooth I seem to have deserted you. Since my last post I have done the following…

Moved. Here is a photo of my new studio…


Had my quarter century birthday party, karaoke of course…


Bought another tree…

new tree

Made a dress for a New Catalogue photo shoot…

bbw blue plaid

Finally took a photo of the finished capelet for my grandma…


Baked a pie…

strawberry pie

monroe, wi


Luke and I went on a mini-trip this weekend up to Monroe, WI. We packed a little picnic lunch, went bowling, ate tasty cheese sandwiches at Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern twice, and had the worst buffet breakfast nationally avaliable in New Glarus, WI.


I’m pretty sure I need a haircut.  We also had some great thrift scores at the Monroe Antique Mall.  More on those later.



That is how you spell Scrabble with only vowels, which was exactly my problem last night during our crazy Scrabble game. Only on one turn did I have two consonants, but that was my record non-vowel count. Jon on the other hand had the opposite problem.

knit krew

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Knit Krew, and it was an excellent time. Veggie chili, homemade hummus and cupcakes. Here we have the core knit krew members (minus me taking the photo)…

knit krew core

A look at our project table…

knit krew table

We are planning on making a little knit krew website, but we’ll see.  It may just turn out to be a myspace page.

backtrack backtack

Here is the only picture I have uploaded of my Abe Lincoln dress, and such a small photo it is (it’s larger on flickr but who knows what my problem is). I still have to hem it, I’m a bit backed up in the sewing department. Hopefully soon I will have a day off…not holding my breath though.

abe dress
Also wouldn’t this be the cutest strapless dress for the summer? It’s paint by number birds. How can you beat that? I challenge you. I will tell you now that you will loose.


no spell checks here

Finally I am getting unpacked, getting a job (Bloomingdales), and getting used to being in school again.

Now Luke and Jon, just in case you forgot, I will recap our events from Saturday night as filler on the tooth. Someday the tooth will be more, but really I don’t think it will be. Hmm…whatever that means…

We started the off right with the robot at Duchess.

Robot Paige & Robot Andrew

Proceded to eat breakfast at 10:30pm at the Hollywood Diner.


And then leg danced at innjoy a spot we would rarely find ourselves if it wasn’t for the dj-nesss of mr. bucket rider himself.

Emily & Paige

Andrew at Inn Joy

I am well aware there are probably a multitude of spelling errors in this post, I do not yet have use of my computer where I have the handy dock dictionary, nor does this computer have Firefox which would spell check this post for me. Lame-ass eh?

woah there.

Where have I been? Obviously not hangin’ round snaggletooth. I suppose we will just pick up where I left off. Wisconsin. So yes, we went to Wisconsin, it was grand times. Here’s basically what happened.

We shot guns.

Wisconsin July 04

We looked for cell phone signals.

Wisconsin July 02

We played Risk. The 1968 version mind you, USSR anyone?
Wisconsin July 01

If you pepper those activities with boating you have our week in Wisconsin.

snaggle tooth you are a bore.

*it has come to my attention that Foxfire is the browser of choice for viewing my video, otherwise you’re not missing terribly much.

An entire month has passed since I have provided information that was not reliant on stock images from my flickr account, mais non! Mais oui, c’est vrai. And with what have I been so engaged as to let my snaggletooth fall by the way? Travel of course.

Part one of this series will focus on my Chicago sightseeing extravaganza with Jeff and Cara, most of which happened while driving down Ashland.

Attempting to back into a tiny spot while being filmed by Troy.

Troy with Barbie outside 119 N. Peoria.

Chicago 01

(From left to right) Big Red’s boyfriend, Troy, Me, Jeff, Cara.

Chicago 02

Troy and I gazing with wonderment into the mystery that is Cloud Gate. Yes, we did see our futures.

Chicago 03

Stay tuned for part two, my journey into a foreign land, a land rife with Battens and high altitudes. Idaho.

excitement all around

Went to a graduation party this weekend but not just any graduation party, an airshow graduation party. Her father owns a crop dusting company, enough said.





And of course go carts.

Go Carts

Go Carts Luke

The next day (today) I came home, picked my negligent ass up and finished that dress (minus buttons) that has been sitting around while I have been too enamored with the sunny days and long evenings to even think about venturing into the dark, dank basement to work on it.

Spot Dot Shirtdress Sans Buttons

No, I have not dyed my hair, it is oddly the darker of the two colors featured here, and yes, I am taking donations for a hairbrush.

giant chicken

For my birthday a few days ago we high tailed it over to the White Fence Farm. We used to eat there quite a bit when I was younger and back in that day the town of Lemont really wasn’t much of a town. Now, however, the White Fence Farm is surrounded by warehouses, everywhere. The chicken was great but the giant chicken outside was the best.
White Fence Farm

Luke got me this delicious little Le Creuset pot. Yum.

Le Creuset

These are actually almost finished, just need to get smaller slipper sole bottoms, but I won’t have those until Wednesday.

Slipper Socks Unfelted