spring break?

Spring break is drawing to a close, and what do I have to show for it? Less than I had hoped, but still something. May I present my Leave Print Dress from Built by Wendy for Simplicity.

Leave Print Dress
Pretty comfortable fit, I had to blend sizes as usual and I also added 2 inches to the bottom of the mini because it was going to be a bit too mini for me. Here’s a closeup of the sleeve tie…
Leave Print Sleeve

I think this dress is going to come in handy this summer at the cottage when I really want to blend in.

Leave Print Hideout

This is what I really should be working on. I need a full 70″ scarf with pockets by Friday. Yikes.

Pocket Scarf Start

Now I’m off to read a giant InStyle magazine I just found in the bathroom instead of knitting. Ha!

backtrack backtack

Here is the only picture I have uploaded of my Abe Lincoln dress, and such a small photo it is (it’s larger on flickr but who knows what my problem is). I still have to hem it, I’m a bit backed up in the sewing department. Hopefully soon I will have a day off…not holding my breath though.

abe dress
Also wouldn’t this be the cutest strapless dress for the summer? It’s paint by number birds. How can you beat that? I challenge you. I will tell you now that you will loose.


where did you get that?

New Dress

This is the question I hear most often when wearing this dress. People often tell me that they like the dresses I’m wearing (I have started an exquisite dress collection) but nobody has ever asked me so many times in one day where I got a dress. Barney’s? No. Marimekko? No. Made it myself? Yes. Two customers at Nordstrom even went over to the dress section and asked the sales girls there if we carrled the dress the girl in Activewear was wearing and if they could find out where I had gotten it. So I would have to say this is my most successfull dressmaking to date. Mmmm, it is good to take your time when sewing.

The pattern is McCalls 5315 on sale for $1.99

The fabric is from Hancock $7.00 for two yards.

I had to make the smallest size dress, 4, even though the measurements on the back of the pattern said I would be an 8. Hmm….


It seems that I have been relatively productive since contracting the most dreaded virus of the season. Here is some proof.

Exhibit A: Completion of the Spot Dot Dress.

Spot Dress Fini

Action Shot…

Kari+Spot Dress

Exhibit B: Completion of Scrub Monkey Top.

Scrub Monkey


Scrub Monkey Detail

Exhibit C: Another set of curtains:

Karis Curtains

Exhibit D: 10 Rows left on Capelet.


More to come.

using up yarn is hard to do.

Here’s my first use up nasty yarn that sits around and tangles up and mocks me for buying yarn that has a purpose when it is just sitting arou and being annoying. It is a stocking for my grandma loosely based on a pattern found in the December 2004 issue of Martha Stewart Living. The offending yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease left over from a machine knitting class. It’s not this lumpy when it’s not stuffed with odd tights and socks and a tooth.

Stocking Finished

finally i have finished something

Tonight I put the straps on what I like to call my bobble top but what is really the Tubular Camisol from Glampyre. As we all remember this is the second try on this one and I am pretty happy although somehow I had to take almost 4″ off the circumfrence. I am pretty confused about this since I got gague on the first try but much to my dismay the top, if not held up by my arms, would fall past my hips, a stumper since I am not any tinier than the next person. So anyway here is it.

Bobble Top Finished

This weekend was very busy yet not busy at all. Luke’s opening on Friday night and walking around and eating food at Hannah’s Bretzel the next day. Yum. Here is a photo of our food.

Hannah's Bretzle

out with the old

I have been trying to use up my old supplies so that I can aquire more guilt free, here is my latest installment. I made the top in my intro to fibers class at the AIC as an applique sample, then today I decided to turn it into a pillow. Unfortunatly it doesn’t go with anything else I own.


Rodeo Pillow Front

Rodeo Pillow Back

mitts and more

I finished these mitts about 1.5 weeks ago but due to the short term loss of a camera cord, a trip out of town, and general laziness we are just posting them now. Sweet deal on these mitts, I used leftover cotton batting from Batten’s quilt, leftover cotton canvas from my bag posted below and fabric I bought specifically for this purpose back in February. Cleaning out my giant vat of fabric I am. It’s spring cleaning or something and on that note how about that snazzy little flickr badge thing over on the side there, yea that’s right, I put it there myself. Jealous much?

oven mitts

jen 1 pile of fabric 0

Today I finished my Amy Butler bag which I’ve had the supplies for since probably last spring. Luckily the Sew? I knit! – along was bags this month so I finally had to buckle down and make it.

amy bag

A few notes about the pattern: It was very easy to follow, and gave overly clear directions, but one thing I would do differently and would recommend to others is when sewing the bottom of the lining, use a 3/4″ seam allowance and trim it to 1/2″ after you sew. This will eliminate the giant mass of fabric I have in the bottom of the bag due to the fact that the bag and lining are exactly the same size. Add in the combined seam allowances of 1″ and you’ve got too much fabric and not enough room for it to go. Unfortunatly I didn’t realize it in time and my bag was already turned out and for the life of me I could not get it to go back inside out. Other than that I can’t believe how nice this bag came out. Yea!

I had some sprouts on my little herb garden. Soon there will be fresh herbs for all.


And here is a little project I am working on, we’ll see what it becomes. I have big plans for this little one.

suprise blue


I finally gave Luke his quilt this weekend. It would have been Thursday but that was the day he picked up his BMW wagon so I decided that he couldn’t have the quilt until he could be properly excited about it. That may have been more for me than him. So without further delay I present to you the fruit of 6 months hard labor and stress…

luke with quilt

quilt on bed

Since I have had to keep this project in the dark, here are a few in progress photos.

Here is the quilt top finished and ironed out.

quilt top sewn

Spreading out the back to make the sandwich.

quilt back

The sandwich about half way hand basted. Notice the exotic creature in the top left. Mmmm.

quilt hand basted

The zigs and zags being marked and quilted.

quit progress

So that is all. My mom is giving me less than a year to start my next quilt. We’ll see, it sure was a lot of work. Maybe next winter.