Yesterday I started this little jacket from a Built by Wendy pattern that I bought a long time ago.  I found some plaid wool in my fabric box and went at it.

I think the plaids matched up pretty nicely, especially since I decided to cut the front panel on the bias, there was no way to match those plaids the way the pattern was made, so this disguised that nicely.  I decided to put the pockets on the bias as well so that it wouldn’t be completly random.

This is what we ate for dinner yesterday, seasoned pork chops, roasted asparagus, rosemary roasted potatoes and cheesecake with fresh berry compote (not pictured).  Pretty tasty, Luke especially loved the potatoes, who’s recipe I found by googling “pork chops.”  Not bad.

old junk

Since I am now graduated (again) I have been trying to start a new overall project, which has caused a need for me to finish up some projects I have lying around that were abandoned due to full time school, homework and full time work.  Here are a few things that I started a long time ago (pre-columbia era projects) that I finished up this weekend.

I made one of these towels for my friend Paige, then started one for myself and mine was pushed to the side.  I bought these towels at Target I believe, then appliqued my name and the cherries on with a blanket stitch.  Embroidered leaves and stems finished it off.

This dress was worn to my Abe Lincoln Birthday Party a few years ago, so you might wonder what needed to be done to finish it since I already wore it.  Well, many things including, hemming, stitching down the bodice lining and adding buttons.  Guess I was in kind of a bind when I made it.

Three cheers for finishing up old stuff!!!

fashion columbia 2008

besides the fact that fashion columbia was an ill run disaster, I had two garments in it. I only have a photo of one coming down the runway, and it’s a blurry one at that. About 5 min. before the show started we (the designers) we pushed back into the back rows.

fashion show 2008

one garment heading down the runway.  i definitely got the best model.

pre-fashion show 2008

me with the polaroids of my two garments.

where have i been?

Sewing Room

I spent a few days out in Villa Park watching my grandma and taking over my mom’s sewing room while my parents went to Wisconsin.

Elastic Serger Cover

While there I made this serger cover with an elastic bottom so that the cat can’t lift up the bottom of the cover and defeat it’s purpose and eat all the threads out, which she was doing with my old store-bought plastic cover.  Lame.

I also started working on two dresses…one of which is finished now.  More to come later after I am caffeinated.


Where have I been, snaggle tooth I seem to have deserted you. Since my last post I have done the following…

Moved. Here is a photo of my new studio…


Had my quarter century birthday party, karaoke of course…


Bought another tree…

new tree

Made a dress for a New Catalogue photo shoot…

bbw blue plaid

Finally took a photo of the finished capelet for my grandma…


Baked a pie…

strawberry pie

on a side note…

Orange Phildar Sweater
I finished this Phildar sweater about a year ago, but just realized I never posted it. I used some Plymouth yarn, but I can’t remember what it’s called right now and I don’t feel like getting up to look it up. I look insane in this photo and am wearing pajama shorts. Don’t hold it against me.

almost too late

scarf on jen
I finished my scarf for my knitwear design class. I had stalled on it becuase the weather was getting nice and the last thing I wanted to do was spend time on a scarf, but with the re-emergence of winter I’ll even get to wear it (sadly). I used Knitpicks Andean Silk on US 10 needles and I am loving the drape of this scarf…that and the giant hand pockets. Hmm…hand pockets, as opposed to? Hot Pockets?

je suis tres productif

Just a few things I did today that aren’t completely dull. Very beautiful day out today, 80′s or something, I wish I had a porch or some reason to get out of the apartment besides going for a run.
1. Finished my Denyse Schmidt Heating Pad Cover (minus Velcro which I can’t find)…

Heating Pad Cover Finished

2. Made granola snacks from the latest Martha Stewart Food Magazine…

Granola Snacks

3. Made a little bag for my lunch out of some dandelion fabric from Rowan…

Dandelion Bag

This is what the cat did all day…

Cat Relaxin