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It’s been a while since my last tooth post due to some unfortunate events, a move, many visits from relatives, all 6 Harry Potter books to re-read and the 7th for the first time, and some other junk thrown in there too. We’ll see how this tooth keeps up.

I started working on Catriona by Debbie Bliss, but the box of yarn was, we believe, accidentally moved to Idaho with Jon because after an exhaustive search of the apartment and moving of the Heinecken work we unearthed no post office box full of beautiful little balls of yarn. I am hoping we can find the box because it was the last thing my grandma bought me, with my mom, to cheer me up in my new apartment mess and stress. This is as far as I got…


In the wake of the loss of yarn I started the Intricate Stag Bag which I think is a hideous title and will be referring to as the deer bag. I don’t really feel like working on it though, I only have eyes for my Catriona.


organization obsesson


You may have noticed if you know me in real life that I love to organize. It’s so fun, especially in the rare case that I can get other people to let me help organize them. This presents a problem, I recieved my invite to ravelry and really that’s all I have been doing after work for the past 2 days. I was supposed to be getting dresses done, but perhaps tomorrow I am telling myself. Luckily I am staying at my parents house for the week hanging out with my grandma while they are out of town or things would really be out of control, photographing my giant yarn collection and such.  If you happen to find yourself out and about on ravelry…stop by and say hi.


Where have I been, snaggle tooth I seem to have deserted you. Since my last post I have done the following…

Moved. Here is a photo of my new studio…


Had my quarter century birthday party, karaoke of course…


Bought another tree…

new tree

Made a dress for a New Catalogue photo shoot…

bbw blue plaid

Finally took a photo of the finished capelet for my grandma…


Baked a pie…

strawberry pie

i love my bed

I have finished two of my unfinished projects already, but have no photos to show so you’ll just have to believe me on this for now. I finished my felted slippers and have already lost one to the void and my grandma’s capelet is complete except for buttons. I can’t seem to find matching buttons anywhere, or even buttons that compliment the color in a way I like.

I’m cleaning up my room and apartment today for my friend Jeff will be staying with me for a few days. Perhaps the last time I do a complete overhaul on this room before I move. Kind of sad since this room is so sunny and I will miss my awesome bed and all my bedding. Luke’s bed is a size up from mine so none of my bedding will translate over. Now I have to figure out what to do with my bed, blankets, and down comforter. Bah. I love my bed it is so comfortable!

I also have to find the perfect yellow blanket for the new bed. I have only had yellow blankets since my first blanket on my first real bed when Beems came along and kicked me out of my crib 23 years ago. Watch out Luke, OCD is on it’s way over.

knit krew

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Knit Krew, and it was an excellent time. Veggie chili, homemade hummus and cupcakes. Here we have the core knit krew members (minus me taking the photo)…

knit krew core

A look at our project table…

knit krew table

We are planning on making a little knit krew website, but we’ll see.  It may just turn out to be a myspace page.

feeling defeated.


I am currently taking a knitwear design class but sadly we haven’t learned anything. Now we are expected to knit a garment of our own design on our knitting machines, but that’s quite hard to do when you have absolutely no idea how to plan increases or decreases in armholes and necklines and the like. I really want to start a knitwear company but this is severly getting my hopes down. The worst part is that I am paying an arm and a leg to do nothing. This class is so painful I truly feel like I should be paid to take it. Our teacher has a degree from FIT in knitwear design, so I just don’t understand.