pretty plants

My sister got me this super cute planter for my birthday.  It’s made by perch! which is handmade in Brooklyn.  So cute!

I also planted some lavender in a pot that formerly housed a flowering plant that will do much better in my mom’s back yard.

Here is a picture of my new eggplanter in my studio where it matches perfectly!


This morning I made blueberry muffins with Trader Joe’s Multigrain Pancake Mix, frozen blueberries and streusel. Lazy? Maybe, but the streusel wasn’t from a box so that counts. They were delicious!

pyrex morning

I appear to be on the 4 month posting plan, so I guess that means I’ll be back here in August.

wish you were here

Been cleaning…

clean 01

clean 02

clean 03

clean 04

clean 05

On another note, the air conditioning is out and I am pretty sure I am going to sweat to death.  I have to sleep on the couch with the fan pointed at my head.  No fun, send help.