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Back in the fall I submitted one of my patterns to and it was accepted as part of their Alice in Workingland design competition. Today when I checked in on their website, there it was on the front page! They made it in a really cute plaid cotton, now it makes me want to make another in my size (my original is in a model size 6).

jennifer top

I can’t wait to see if people will make it and how theirs come out!

draping project

This pile…

paper pieces





It’s big on me because it’s made for the dress form in class and also is made out of green cotton instead of muslin because I ran out of muslin. This green cotton may be cuter, but doesn’t sew so nice on the ol’ Sears Kenmore. More to come on this draping final project.

Tomorrow morning I register for classes and I’m very nervous because I forgot to get several classes cleared…wish me luck! Grading 1 is my biggest worry, only 12 spaces…could fill up quickly.

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Yesterday I recieved two new things. First off, my boots came via my mom. I am very enthused to not have my toes on the verge of frostbite every time I go outside. Hurrah to that.


Secondly my new oven came, and it’s a very welcome thing indeed. Our old one was leaking gas into the apartment, not to mention it was an incredible eye sore. Even the stove delivery man laughed when he saw it, especially at the “Caloric” that was on top, whatever that thing was we may never know since it was encrusted with grime, we never wanted to touch it.


I have been working on my patterns all day today, and having been informed by a knowledgable informant that people generally work best on a schedule of 48 min work/12 min breaks I gave it a go. I am happy to inform you that every time the break came just as my brain was starting to go sour on my task and I feel that I actually was much more productive, although you would never know it from the pictures I am about to post. I started working at 9 am and worked until about 8 with regularity, after that it has been a sort of free for all.

Anyway I finished up my paper patterns. That would be a boring picture since nobody likes to look at brown on brown. Here are all my pattern pieces cut out and ready to sew.

cut fabric

Then I decided to make some bias binding. Now, I have done this before with success and going in I was starting to wonder if I was getting perhaps a bit to tired to work on something that I want to turn out well. The answer was yes, I was way too tired, the bias turned out a complete mess.

bias 2

So I made some dinner, which it turns out I was also too tired to do. I forgot to pound my chicken so it took forever and the middle was slightly pink, not too bad though. The pear was delicious.


So being that tired what did I do next? Posted on here for some unknown reason. Wasn’t that just riveting? I’ll bet.

pintucks and more pintucks.

Today I have been working on drafting pintucks, something which can literally take hours to complete when you are insane enough (as I was) to include a mind numbing quantity of them.
pintuckCross your fingers it looks good in the end…and that the end comes before a possible triple date tonight. If not it may end up being a five person date.

Yesterday I came down with a sort of 24 hour fainting on the El Flu type thing which lasted from my morning commute till I woke up this morning. That was a lot of fun, let me tell you. Because of this I have homework homework homework and classes to make up. This is what I have been doing all day…


Interrupted by bites of these…


From Luke via Bittersweet in Chicago.