pretty plants

My sister got me this super cute planter for my birthday.  It’s made by perch! which is handmade in Brooklyn.  So cute!

I also planted some lavender in a pot that formerly housed a flowering plant that will do much better in my mom’s back yard.

Here is a picture of my new eggplanter in my studio where it matches perfectly!


I got some. My favorite yarn store ever is going out of business, so sad so Len called me from Wisconsin so I could put in my last orders. At 30% off. In anticipation of this yarn I decided to start using up some of my crappy yarn that has haunted me since I learned how to knit. Here is my unseasonable Christmas stocking as of last night. It is almost done now, but I didn’t feel like uploading new photos.

Here is my new yarn, all nice and pretty in a row.

Yarn Store Yarn Score

And in unrelated news my first two strawberries were ripe for the pickin’ on Monday. Mmmm, if only they tasted as good as they look which is a lot bigger than they actually were.

First Strawberries

garden update

Not much has been going on except for planting since it has been so nice out. Here are my herbs last week since I was having some camera difficulties.

Herbs Week 02

I have 3 new additions to my plant collection. Cilantro and lavender for extra flavor and I’m not sure what.

Cilantro and Lavender

And a beautiful hibiscus which almost died this morning due to excessive heat and being watered only once yesterday because nobody was home.


I have ripped out the tube tank and have done the maths to make it a smaller top so hopefully that works. I figured that a photo of my cakes of yarn and some maths would be a pretty boring photo so I am sparing you that one. I also made a new kennel pad for Sister today and scrubbed out her kennel. Who knew our poor girl was living in such squalor. No longer, there is even a kennel blanket to match. Perhaps I will post a photo of that someday, but again, seems a bit boring and light on color.


It’s been so nice out that I have been neglecting my snaggle tooth. Sigh. Here is what has been going on in the life of the snaggle since we visited last.

1. Hemming up sleves of a co-workers jacket. No photos, extremely boring but will pay for the yarn for no.2.

2. Working on my first pattern, the button closure top. It’s knitted in Cotton-ease and blech to that yarn. It is also knit in the round and bleh to knitting in the round. On straights we are the home of the even stitch but on the circulars you would swear I was drunk when I knit it. The yarn doesn’t help the look either. Besides that it is too short and too wide and the color reminds me of scrubs. So far it’s a triple bleh.

Button Closure Top v.01

3. Spring planting ya’ll. We have planted a strawberry planter with marigolds in the first floor apartments in the hopes of keep the vermin away. Next door we have another marigold for further unpleasantness as well as some dusty miller for me to pet. Mmm softness.

Strawberries DustyMiller Marigolds

4. Herb garden v.02. Left in the care of others for a weekend Herbs v.01 met their unsightly end. I returned to find a shriveled lump of sad sad herbs. So much for joint custody.

Herbs Pt. 02 Week 01