quilt tops

grandmothers flower garden

This is the quilt top on my summer list. I got it for my birthday last year and have had no time to work on it since I signed up for school.

More gardens
I have a lot of work ahead of me since I want to do the border in the same hexagons. Here is one of my favorite gons.

Flower garden piece

je suis tres productif

Just a few things I did today that aren’t completely dull. Very beautiful day out today, 80′s or something, I wish I had a porch or some reason to get out of the apartment besides going for a run.
1. Finished my Denyse Schmidt Heating Pad Cover (minus Velcro which I can’t find)…

Heating Pad Cover Finished

2. Made granola snacks from the latest Martha Stewart Food Magazine…

Granola Snacks

3. Made a little bag for my lunch out of some dandelion fabric from Rowan…

Dandelion Bag

This is what the cat did all day…

Cat Relaxin


Last night I worked on my heating pad cover top and just as I was sewing on the last piece of the log cabin, I ran out of thread. Now that is on hold until I can get around to picking up more white thread. Seems a bit strange that I am out but I suppose it happens to the best of us.

Here is the top all layed out…

DS Quilt Pieces

And here she is all sewn up…

DS Quilt Top

The colors are a bit off on that one but it is night and even if it wasn’t I still get no daylight in most of this apartment.

Now I am off to go relax on the couch and get un-sick. I’m glad my classes were cancelled tonight so I can rest, but I have to say it would have been nice if it would have been without a 5 alarm fire.


I finally gave Luke his quilt this weekend. It would have been Thursday but that was the day he picked up his BMW wagon so I decided that he couldn’t have the quilt until he could be properly excited about it. That may have been more for me than him. So without further delay I present to you the fruit of 6 months hard labor and stress…

luke with quilt

quilt on bed

Since I have had to keep this project in the dark, here are a few in progress photos.

Here is the quilt top finished and ironed out.

quilt top sewn

Spreading out the back to make the sandwich.

quilt back

The sandwich about half way hand basted. Notice the exotic creature in the top left. Mmmm.

quilt hand basted

The zigs and zags being marked and quilted.

quit progress

So that is all. My mom is giving me less than a year to start my next quilt. We’ll see, it sure was a lot of work. Maybe next winter.

space-case wins. or looses.

My output may have seemed a bit low for someone so crafty as I and this is why. Ug that rhymes, nast. The “something else” was revealed to Luke in a desperate attempt to stop him from buying a cute duvet cover at Jonathan Adler, so a photo of it crumpled up on a chair while my fingers take a break from sewing the binding on should be permissible. Today I had to take pain killers to ease the shoulder and wrist tendonitis as well as the fact that I can’t touch anything with my middle finger from forcing that needle through layers of fabric.


I also picked up some sweet Vogue patterns at 75% off today. Here is my favorite with it’s fabric waiting to be turned into either a) a shirt dress that is uber-cool or b) a shirt dress that gives people migranes to look at.

fabric and shirtdress pattern

Hoping to attend Ladytron on 4-21 and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on 4-14 but we’ll see if I space on that like I spaced on Belle & Sebastion + the New Pornographers. Wow that was lame of me.