Yesterday I started this little jacket from a Built by Wendy pattern that I bought a long time ago.  I found some plaid wool in my fabric box and went at it.

I think the plaids matched up pretty nicely, especially since I decided to cut the front panel on the bias, there was no way to match those plaids the way the pattern was made, so this disguised that nicely.  I decided to put the pockets on the bias as well so that it wouldn’t be completly random.

This is what we ate for dinner yesterday, seasoned pork chops, roasted asparagus, rosemary roasted potatoes and cheesecake with fresh berry compote (not pictured).  Pretty tasty, Luke especially loved the potatoes, who’s recipe I found by googling “pork chops.”  Not bad.

pumpkin recipe no.01

Today I made the first of what I hope to be many pumpkin recipes, Ginger Pumpkin Bread from the October Food magazine. It was very tasty, made better by the fact that I made it exclusively in vintage Pyrex with the exception of a measuring glass made of modern day Pyrex.
Pumpkins Filling

Pumpkins to Oven

Pumpkins Glazed

I also made the Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce from the Freeze-It section of the same magazine, but it was too messy to break out the camera. It is now in the freezer waiting until I am too tired to make dinner.

I bought fabric for curtains today since it’s about 0 degrees out (only really it’s 40 which is still quite cold). I kind of want to make them flannel backed since my windows are about 6.5 feet high, but I’m afraid that might be weird/expensive. I will have to do some thinking on that point.

forgot to add a title…again.

It is pretty much impossible for the snaggle tooth to get any more boring than it is at the current moment. Partially due to me being to busy to do anything worth putting on here let alone put it on here and partially due to me not liking the layout and not knowing how to change it. Blah snaggle tooth is no good. To get those last photos a bit further down the page, this is what I have partially been up to.

Putting all my yarn which all happens to be fall colored into under the bed storage since there is no storage in my apartment.


Desperatly trying to figure out the tuck stitch. No matter what I do (I swear I am following the instructions exactly) I am increasing stitches. I don’t understand. I know how to make this stitch on a knitting machine but no for the needles.

tuck swatch

Purchasing squash. The spaghetti was already eaten up and the butternut will be transformed into pasta sauce a la Martha Stewart Food Magazine.


Wearing a most beautiful Pucci scarf purchased for me by Luke the best in the world.


And knitting delicious lace swatches for my textiles class which have earned me a 100% on that project.

lace swatch

That is all. I just got internet on Monday so I will try to update my tooth more often.

05 april 2006 or i hate coming up with titles

Sick again. Ah the woe that is my shitty set of lungs, every season change they betray me. Ah well, could be much worse, I did get a bit of relaxing in the past 4 days. On Monday I decided the only thing that would cure me is leek and veggie soup so of course I was compelled to make it, even though what I needed was to lay down. I bought this giant bunch of veggies at Jewel (home of crap produce), chopped them up, boiled them in a pot, then ate them up. Here is a before and after photo.



I finished up hand hemming my skirt and now it is ready for some warm weather. I have to say I wish I could erase those butterflies on the fabric. I was hoping they wouldn’t be very noticible but I think they are.

sew? i knit skirt.

Finally I am finally finished with my phildar no.20 pieces. It’s about time, I thought I was never going to finish. Now I just need to block those suckers and sew them together and hope it’s not as long as some other people’s I’ve seen. The measurements say this should fit, but the visuals are telling me otherwise.

phildar sweater pieces

Up next is my bag. The pieces are cut out and waiting. We’ll see how long they have to wait.

busy busy busy

It has been a very busy past two weeks filling in at work for the sickies and being all around super tired from my NYC trip and working so much extra. First off we have the pattern and fabric for my Sew? I Knit along skirt that I still have not taken a finished picture of. I will have a finished photo tomorrow.

1/2 Circle Skirt

After making the marzipan carrots for the tops of the cupcakes I have more marzipan left over than I think one person could eat in 5 years so I made some marzipan peaches. Why? Good question, but they sure are cute.

Marzipan Peaches

In other cooking news I made some delicious chicken chilaquiles for dinner wednesday night for Luke, Jon, their friend Justin, and Emily. I thought it was quite delicious and can’t wait to make it again.

Chicken Chilaquiles

Boring-est of all is the snails pace phildar pullover sleeve. Here it is. It is actually about 3″ longer after tonights knitting but I swear this is the sweater that just won’t finish.

Phildar Sleeve no. 2

hummus anyone?

Made a delicious recipe for “Luxury Hummus” from my How to Cook cookbook. It’s uber tasty but made quite a bit more hummus than I can eat without turning into it. I would like to invite all two of my readers, Luke and Jon, to take some. Please?

Last night my right foot was kept toasty warm by my one finished sock. Too bad I made it in such a light color, the only thing I could photograph it against was this couch. Not the most beautiful background. Actually neither of these are beautiful photographs since the hummus and the counter are practically the same color.

Here is a list of a few shows I am hoping to attend…anyone interested? Two readers?

Cat Power – 26 Feb – Vic
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 27 Feb – Logan Square Auditorium
Belle & Sebastian and The New Pornographers – 10 March – Rivera
Art Brut – 30 March – Metro
Built to Spill – 14/15 April – Metro
Ladytron – 21 April – Metro

Going alone, well it just never happens.