organization obsesson


You may have noticed if you know me in real life that I love to organize. It’s so fun, especially in the rare case that I can get other people to let me help organize them. This presents a problem, I recieved my invite to ravelry and really that’s all I have been doing after work for the past 2 days. I was supposed to be getting dresses done, but perhaps tomorrow I am telling myself. Luckily I am staying at my parents house for the week hanging out with my grandma while they are out of town or things would really be out of control, photographing my giant yarn collection and such.  If you happen to find yourself out and about on ravelry…stop by and say hi.

i love my bed

I have finished two of my unfinished projects already, but have no photos to show so you’ll just have to believe me on this for now. I finished my felted slippers and have already lost one to the void and my grandma’s capelet is complete except for buttons. I can’t seem to find matching buttons anywhere, or even buttons that compliment the color in a way I like.

I’m cleaning up my room and apartment today for my friend Jeff will be staying with me for a few days. Perhaps the last time I do a complete overhaul on this room before I move. Kind of sad since this room is so sunny and I will miss my awesome bed and all my bedding. Luke’s bed is a size up from mine so none of my bedding will translate over. Now I have to figure out what to do with my bed, blankets, and down comforter. Bah. I love my bed it is so comfortable!

I also have to find the perfect yellow blanket for the new bed. I have only had yellow blankets since my first blanket on my first real bed when Beems came along and kicked me out of my crib 23 years ago. Watch out Luke, OCD is on it’s way over.

summer is here

flowers 2

Today was the last day of classes, and I am so happy to be done! Now for cleaning up my project remains and then a nap. Then to come up with my summer to-do list.



Beems got a new puppy on Saturday, her name is Oatmeal. She’s pretty crazy and hops like a bunny, which was coincidently her mother’s name. Other than a new puppy, I went to Champaign for the last photo senior show I will know seniors and have been only doing homework other than that.


Yesterday at work I choked on a hard candy and a customer had to give me the famed Heimlich Maneuver so I am taking today to rest and drink lots of smoothies.  I finally started knitting my new pair of slippers tonight while watching tv.  There is nothing on anymore, someday I think I will be forced to get cable since PBS doesn’t come in and there’s only so many “Search for the Next Pussycat Doll” reruns one can watch before going insane.  Off to bed.

photography vs. fashion. rawrrr.

kitchen copy

Once, about 5 years ago, I wanted to become an artist, well since I can remeber up until 5 years ago to be more exact. I have a BFA, emphasis in photograhy, but by my senior year, I knew that I wanted to do fashion design so two years later, back to school I went.

The last photo project I was planning would have been my piece de resistance…at least in my head. The idea cracks me up every time I think about it still. What happens to fast food resturants when they close? They turn into other businesses of course, but the hilarious part is that their architecture becomes an instantly recognizable failure and you have the Taco Bell Hair Salon next to my vet, the Pizza Hut Melting Pot on Roosevelt and Summit, the Wendy’s Payday Loans on Neil in Champaign and many many others. Ha ha ha hilarious!

Perhaps someday I will photograph these…or maybe I will just laugh at them to myself.