draping project

This pile…

paper pieces





It’s big on me because it’s made for the dress form in class and also is made out of green cotton instead of muslin because I ran out of muslin. This green cotton may be cuter, but doesn’t sew so nice on the ol’ Sears Kenmore. More to come on this draping final project.

Tomorrow morning I register for classes and I’m very nervous because I forgot to get several classes cleared…wish me luck! Grading 1 is my biggest worry, only 12 spaces…could fill up quickly.

je suis tres productif

Just a few things I did today that aren’t completely dull. Very beautiful day out today, 80′s or something, I wish I had a porch or some reason to get out of the apartment besides going for a run.
1. Finished my Denyse Schmidt Heating Pad Cover (minus Velcro which I can’t find)…

Heating Pad Cover Finished

2. Made granola snacks from the latest Martha Stewart Food Magazine…

Granola Snacks

3. Made a little bag for my lunch out of some dandelion fabric from Rowan…

Dandelion Bag

This is what the cat did all day…

Cat Relaxin

spring break?

Spring break is drawing to a close, and what do I have to show for it? Less than I had hoped, but still something. May I present my Leave Print Dress from Built by Wendy for Simplicity.

Leave Print Dress
Pretty comfortable fit, I had to blend sizes as usual and I also added 2 inches to the bottom of the mini because it was going to be a bit too mini for me. Here’s a closeup of the sleeve tie…
Leave Print Sleeve

I think this dress is going to come in handy this summer at the cottage when I really want to blend in.

Leave Print Hideout

This is what I really should be working on. I need a full 70″ scarf with pockets by Friday. Yikes.

Pocket Scarf Start

Now I’m off to read a giant InStyle magazine I just found in the bathroom instead of knitting. Ha!

backtrack backtack

Here is the only picture I have uploaded of my Abe Lincoln dress, and such a small photo it is (it’s larger on flickr but who knows what my problem is). I still have to hem it, I’m a bit backed up in the sewing department. Hopefully soon I will have a day off…not holding my breath though.

abe dress
Also wouldn’t this be the cutest strapless dress for the summer? It’s paint by number birds. How can you beat that? I challenge you. I will tell you now that you will loose.


where did you get that?

New Dress

This is the question I hear most often when wearing this dress. People often tell me that they like the dresses I’m wearing (I have started an exquisite dress collection) but nobody has ever asked me so many times in one day where I got a dress. Barney’s? No. Marimekko? No. Made it myself? Yes. Two customers at Nordstrom even went over to the dress section and asked the sales girls there if we carrled the dress the girl in Activewear was wearing and if they could find out where I had gotten it. So I would have to say this is my most successfull dressmaking to date. Mmmm, it is good to take your time when sewing.

The pattern is McCalls 5315 on sale for $1.99

The fabric is from Hancock $7.00 for two yards.

I had to make the smallest size dress, 4, even though the measurements on the back of the pattern said I would be an 8. Hmm….


It seems that I have been relatively productive since contracting the most dreaded virus of the season. Here is some proof.

Exhibit A: Completion of the Spot Dot Dress.

Spot Dress Fini

Action Shot…

Kari+Spot Dress

Exhibit B: Completion of Scrub Monkey Top.

Scrub Monkey


Scrub Monkey Detail

Exhibit C: Another set of curtains:

Karis Curtains

Exhibit D: 10 Rows left on Capelet.


More to come.


Last night I worked on my heating pad cover top and just as I was sewing on the last piece of the log cabin, I ran out of thread. Now that is on hold until I can get around to picking up more white thread. Seems a bit strange that I am out but I suppose it happens to the best of us.

Here is the top all layed out…

DS Quilt Pieces

And here she is all sewn up…

DS Quilt Top

The colors are a bit off on that one but it is night and even if it wasn’t I still get no daylight in most of this apartment.

Now I am off to go relax on the couch and get un-sick. I’m glad my classes were cancelled tonight so I can rest, but I have to say it would have been nice if it would have been without a 5 alarm fire.