16 october

Above are my slightly off color colors (the bottom left square is supposed to be black) for hound.  I’ve been working on this collection forever, and getting kind of discouraged because it takes SO long when you’re doing everything alone.  Today while looking through one of my books (The Entrepreneuer’s Guide to Sew Product Manufacturing : Kathleen Fasanella, best book ever) for a marking technique, I came across this little piece of advice…

“If you think others have a better handle on things, you’re the only one who does.  They just fake it better than you and have more money to waste.”

Touché Kathleen.

01 october

Today was a grey and rainy day, so what better to do than make pumpkin bread.  This is not the pumpkin bread, this is the mini pumpkin that is decorating my desk.

This, however is the pumpkin bread, big bread and little bread.  I can’t wait to eat you both!


I definitely need to get working on my wardrobe, everything I own is from before I started school for the second time and had a regular job.  Boring but good for the clothing purchases.  Since I still don’t have any cash, I will have to make/buy on the cheap new items.  Wouldn’t this be a cute fall outfit?  I think so, the catch is that the only things I can afford in this are the notebooks, mocs, mug (which I already have) and soundtrack (which i also already have).  Hahahaha.  Go fall.

fall day


I never dress up for Halloween, I’m usually sick, so I kind of stopped planning costumes about 7 years ago. Then the other day I got this little halloween tip in the mail, and decided I want to make this cat mask to wear. Maybe with a black dress and tights. Cute? I think so.mld104574_1009_catmask_girl_xl

film times

Yesterday my friend Caitlin taught me how to properly scan and correct my negatives, the problem is that these are from toy cameras so correction can be quite subjective.  All these photos are from the cabin in Manitowish Waters in the last 2 years.  I only got to go up once this summer, so hopefully a fall trip is in order.

Nickelodeon Photo Blaster

Diana +


i haven’t posted on here in forever, honestly i’ve been very busy.  july/aug i had an internship in nyc and after that i had one month to get 6 looks together for a city sponsored fashion show.

perhaps i’ll post this weekend?